This space features some of my best articles, and only the ones for which I reported, wrote and took the photos on my own. It highlights a variety of work, from breaking news to outdoor features and murder trials. Each image is linked to the full article.

A longer list of highlights from my 1,000+ bylines is available here.

The Daily News, Longview

Longview COVID patient released from prison worries for other inmates

Richard Dugger was released just two days before his time would be up anyway. That very day, he tested positive for the coronavirus.

Researcher: ICE’s block on Cowlitz records ‘antithetical to democracy’

Angelina Godoy and her team are waging a legal battle with the federal government to obtain secret files about Cowlitz County juvenile inmates.

Fatherhood helps lift Longview dad out of addiction

“I want to be there to teach them right and wrong, and that feelings are okay, and how to deal with them instead of keeping them bottled up like I was taught.”

Spring brings life and adventure to Nisqually Wildlife Refuge

Springtime means a flurry of activity as tiny feet and paws tread the dirt for the first time across Washington and Oregon’s hundreds of parks, forests and wildlife refuges.

Cowlitz County celebrates first fully-remote adoption

Adoptions typically pack Cowlitz County courtrooms with hugging, crying and camera-toting family and friends. This one was no less filled with love.

Lawyers debate “whydunit,” not “whodunit” in closing arguments over hatchet killing

Attorneys sparred over claims of jealous rage and self-defense in the last day of a murder trial regarding the killing of Robert Lorenzo Diaz III.

Longview dog groomer wants pets ‘to feel like a million barks’

“I wanted to groom some of the dogs that everyone turned away. … I kiss their faces off. They love me, and I love them, too.”

Last Call at Cafe Racer

This was a video I threw together for fun after spending (what we thought was) the last night at Cafe Racer. It’s one of the best places in Seattle’s U-District and a hole punched in the University’s ever-growing domain.