The Roundup

I wrote, recorded and produced The Roundup, a weekly podcast at The Daily News in Longview that highlights one story from the paper each week that caught our attention and warranted a deeper look. It featured longer interviews with sources and deeper dives into topics.

The Grind Podcast

I worked as a writer, editor, and producer for The Grind, a Seattle-based podcast about succeeding in the working world. The Grind follows various students and recent graduates in Seattle as they begin their careers, and interviews experts in various fields on subjects like dressing for work, writing resumes, and nailing interviews.

The Grind is available on iTunes and various other podcast outlets. You can also listen to a recent episode below.


I recorded, composed music for, and produced several podcasts through The Daily, each hosted by other students and journalists at the paper. I also built the Soundbite network, a podcast website for The Daily, so that we could put out more podcasts and reach a a greater audience. The network currently hosts six shows and can scale up to as many more.

I also hosted, edited, and produced Soundbite, The Daily’s former weekly variety show, which I discontinued in favor of more student-produced and individually themed shows.


I make original music and themes for podcasts and radio shows, including many of the programs running on the Soundbite network. Check out a playlist of those themes here, or listen to a few below.