In Memoriam: Hilde Bruell

Hilde Bruell, an Austrian Jew who witnessed and escaped the horrors of Nazi Germany, danced as a prima ballerina across European opera houses, and built her own home and businesses in Oakland, California, died Nov. 21, 2022 at the age of 106. She passed peacefully in the excellent care of her assisted living facility and hospice team in Oakland, CA.

This page is intended to be a virtual memorial of Hilde’s life. It will be updated regularly with links to articles about her, including her obituary, and photos of her life in a reverse chronological collection. (Image quality on many of these photos is reduced so the page can load properly.)

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Updated opinions

In my time at The Daily, the University of Washington’s student-run newspaper, I wrote nearly 100 articles. Most of those, especially early in my career, were for the opinion and arts sections of the paper, and were often zero-source articles on hot-button issues which I based on my own opinions and observations.

I was 20 or 21 when I wrote most of these pieces, old enough to have an opinion but frequently too young to understand what I was writing about. With hindsight, I now understand that I was, at times, parroting the opinions of others around me, responding to arguments I didn’t fully understand, or projecting the complex emotions of my youth where they didn’t belong.

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Now that I’ve been working in a post-college journalism job for a few months, I want to share some thoughts about the job with other young journalists, especially those just starting out and feeling apprehensive about being “good enough.”

I want to talk specifically about handling sensitivity and anxiety, and why it’s important to have a plan and something you believe in to fall back on.


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